All You Need to Know About Genetics Health Tests

All disease to some extent is genetic. Your genes are the ones that will determine the risk for degenerative disorders and in general how the proteins in our bodies are built and function. Allergic reactions and the ability to fend off infection are also influenced by genetics. This knowledge as well as the advances in technology has seen companies marketing testing kits directly to consumers. Since the consumer can now accurately identify their genes, the companies promise that the kits will help them lead healthier lives by predicting the risk of disease and how to best prevent them. Learn more about  home dna test, go here. 

The genetic tests are used to identify the variations that cause health conditions and are reserved for people known to be at risk for a particular disease as it runs in the families. This is true for couples that want to plan pregnancy; they have to be tested to determine if there is the Tay-Sachs disease gene for example. The results for these tests are life altering and are best administered only after the individuals have been counseled on the risks of such maladies. You will find that these tests might require a physician's prescription but most of them are sold on the internet directly to consumers. Find out for further details on  dna test uk right here.

All you will need is an e-mail account and internet access and after paying for the kit, it will be mailed with the instructions to you on how to collect cells through saliva or cheek swabs. You will then mail the sample to a lab where it is going to be analyzed and you will be able to receive a report after some time. The material that is going to accompany the report may have recommendations on reducing the risk of developing the conditions that the genes are going to predict.

If you are considering buying a testing kit, keep in mind that they are expensive especially if you are not being covered by insurance. The report that you will be getting back will be based on knowledge that is incomplete. This is because the gene variations that will be identified by the test are the ones slightly associated with the risk. You will have little good evidence that is supported by the association. It is worth noting that the effects of gene variation depend on many factors that are hereditary and this is why you need to get as much information as possible from your family members. Take  a look at this link for more information.